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Important Preview Information from the Developer
Please Note the following:
  • This web site is a Preview of the upcoming Dayspring Phase 2.
  • Dayspring Phase 2 is not yet formally registered with the Ontario New Home Warranty Program,
        therefore the information contained on this web site is for preliminary general information only.
  • All units are presently available for information and Reservation Agreement purposes only.
  • Contact the Dayspring Sales Centre for details.
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    All content of the Dayspring Communities web site, (, whether shown or referenced, including items such as, the total concept indicated on and by the Master Site Plan, all design and marketing drawings, all presale and sales documents and specifications and web pages etc., are the licensed property of The Bridgeton Group Inc., and are subject to change without further notice and must not be reproduced or used without the express written consent of The Bridgeton Group Inc., which consent will not be unreasonably withheld from prospective purchasers requesting such in writing addressed to BGI Development Group at the Dayspring Sales Centre. Within the above referenced documents wherever shown as, "BGI" or "BGI Development Group", these titles are synonymous with "The Bridgeton Group Inc."

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