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Construction 1

  • The Reasons that validate the use of the Construction Management System in the building process are as follows:
  • Costing of materials and systems is becoming more and more complex with increasing diversity of materials and systems, increasing economic fluctuations over short periods of time due to inflationary trends, government intervention, and the organized impact of labour, and the increasing control by industry on the available supply of materials (almost all building materials are directly derived from raw materials, such as wood, metals, aggregates, and oil).
  • Co-ordination of all construction activities is of utmost importance to facilitate the harmonious execution of work, delivery of materials, approvals of proposed materials, systems and interface, obtaining of permits, inspections, accounting, and cash flow.
  • Communication by all parties is of the utmost importance to avoid extras, mis-understandings, claims and unnecessary administrative costs. Our system of standardized communication modes (forms and procedures) and our system of regulated reporting on progress and cost form part of our overall cost control and co-ordination system.
  • Better pre-construction planning to eliminate errors and change orders and clear lines of authority and responsibility, improved communications, and no conflicts of interest.