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Construction 2

  • Greater flexibility in adding or eliminating features.
  • Opportunity to start construction earlier by phased sequential permits.
  • Owner's needs are clearly and constantly interpreted yet has more time to run his business.
  • Owner has the benefit of construction consultants working in its interest with business administration, managerial capabilities, construction industry experience and a modern pragmatic approach to the problems that beset today's construction industry.
  • Better bidding and more competition on the many separate construction contracts since the financial resources required are less and the time span from bidding to installation shortened.Better pre-construction planning to eliminate errors and change orders and clear lines of authority and responsibility, improved communications, and no conflicts of interest.
  • With the Construction Manager on a fee basis, the temptation to cut corners and leave something out or install something inferior is eliminated. His previous experience in contracting will alert him to similar attempts by those contractors that he now directs and controls.
  • Cost escalation is minimized by the overlapping of design and construction.
  • Better Payment. The better organized and more management conscious Trade Contractors are rewarded by direct and early payment. No matter how one breaks it down and examines it, the prime validation of Construction Management is less cost to the Owner for the building. This "lesser cost" can be in the form of less aggregate cost of material and labour, earlier income or return on the building, better quality for the money spent, or any combination of these.